WHM zone transfers

OVH provides a secondary DNS service for its VPS customers (docs), however you must enable zone transfers to their server (

Recover Un-mountable VMWare ESXi Volume

After upgrading to VMWare ESXi 5 from 4.1, I found one of my datastore volumes would no longer mount. The disk would show up as a device, but there were a series of errors whenever I tried to mount the volume.

Enable OpenVPN Management Interface on ClearOS

The OpenVPN config file structure on ClearOS is non-standard (For example there is no server.conf), so I was unsure where to put the directive. However, as it turns out enabling the Management console is as simple as adding the following to /etc/openvpn/clients.conf:

management localhost 7505

Fakemail for Developers

The other day when I was setting up email notifications for a Zend Framework application, I stumbled across Fakemail.

From the developers website:

fakemail is a fake mail server that captures emails as files for acceptance testing. This avoids the excessive configuration of setting up a real mail server and trying to extract mail queue content.