WHM zone transfers

OVH provides a secondary DNS service for its VPS customers (docs), however you must enable zone transfers to their server (

Alt-f Slow RAID Resync

When I was attempting to build a new RAID-1 array on a DSM-323, I was getting brutal performance. Tweaking speed_limit_min helped significantly.

Install Composer in Ubuntu

Rather than adding a composer.phar file to each project it can be easier to install composer to your linux distribution’s bin folder.

Thinkpad R500 Ubuntu Fan Control

Ubuntu has a rather nasty bug when it comes to temperature control on the Thinkpad line of laptops. The fans run at a lower RPM than necessary, which results in overheating and random shutdowns. The overheating has also caused perminant damage to some of the cells in my battery, significantly decreasing battery life.

Recover Un-mountable VMWare ESXi Volume

After upgrading to VMWare ESXi 5 from 4.1, I found one of my datastore volumes would no longer mount. The disk would show up as a device, but there were a series of errors whenever I tried to mount the volume.