WHM zone transfers

OVH provides a secondary DNS service for its VPS customers (docs), however you must enable zone transfers to their server (sdns1.ovh.ca)

In cPanel / WHM this can be accomplished by doing the following:

  1. Add sdns1.ovh.ca as a nameserver to the cpanel config
    1. Login to WHM
    2. Click Basic cPanel & WHM Setup
    3. Scroll to the bottom, and add sdns1.ovh.ca as a nameserver
  2. Verify the domains you wish to transfer have sdns1.ovh.ca listed as a NS entry
    1. Click Edit DNS Zone
    2. Select the appropriate domain
    3. Verify the NS entries
  3. Verify NS Record Report
    1. Click NS Record Report
    2. Verify the Resolved IP for sdns1.ovh.ca is correct
    3. Verify the correct number of zones are listed

As a final check, ssh into the server and verify /etc/named.conf contains the allow-transfer section

> less /etc/named.conf
allow-transfer {;

You can also double-check the behaviour of transfers for a given domain, by adding your IP to the allow-transfer section, reloading bind /etc/init.d/named reload, and from your local console, issuing

> dig axfr yourdomain.com @yournameserver.com

Finally, you can use intodns.com to verify that all your dns is setup properly.