Dojo: Meet Google Book Search

For those of you who read about the re-launching of the SFU Bookswap website (, you may remember that one of the new features was the integration of the Google Books database.

In this entry I am going to talk about how I integrated the Google Book Search functionality into my existing Dojo framework.

SFU Bookswap v2.0

I recently re-launched the SFU Bookswap website at a new address: It is still reachable from the old address of The new address will provide fast, dedicated hosting which is a step up from the less than reliable system that was previously used.

The new version of the Bookswap website also sports some new features and improved functionality. The process for making an offer has changed slightly: now the seller of the book is immediately notified of offers via email, rather than when the posting expires. This is intended to provide sellers with up-to-date information on people interested in their postings so they can make informed decisions if they are considering selling their book via another means.