BC Lottery Corporation API

The British Columbia Lottery Corporation has an unpublished API that they use to pull data down for the flash application on their home page. The Zext PHP API exposes functionality to query the most resent winning numbers from the BCLC website, as well as retrieve current jackpot estimates for the main lotteries in this province.

Again, as with most of the API’s I have been publishing lately, this API relies on undocumented and unsupported functionality which may break or become unavailable at any time. Furthermore, there are likely licensing issues involved with unauthorized use of BCLC data, so proceed with caution if you plan on using this API in a production app.

Example Usage

$bclc = new Zext_Service_BCLC();
//Get the results of the latest 649 results
//get the estimated jackpot size for the latest 649 results
//Get the 649 Extra numbers for the latest draw

There are many other functions that the API exposes. Take a look through the source to view them all.

Download & Install

Download the following file:
Add it to your library path (same folder that Zend of the Zend framework resides in) if you have autoloading enabled.

I will try to respond to any problems in the comments.

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