Getting started with zfc-user-doctrine-orm

zfc-user-doctrine-orm Is a Zend Framework 2 Module that enables Doctrine 2 support for the ZfcUser module.

Basic Setup

Installation via composer:

composer require "zf-commons/zfc-user-doctrine-orm:0.1.*"

An appropriate version of ZfcUser should be pulled in during installation.

Configuration Setup

  • Copy vendor/zf-commons/ to config/autoload/

  • Edit your application.config.php to include

    modules => array(‘ZfcBase’,

You don’t have to edit – the default values will work fine, and zfc-user-doctrine-orm will inject itself such that you don’t even have to edit the zend_db_adapter (as I initially thought you would).

Custom User Entity

If you wish to use a custom user entity definition (too add additional fields, for example).

To do this, modify your zfcuser.gloabl.php to include the following configuration values:

'zfcuser' => array(
     'UserEntityClass' => '\UserEntityNamespace\UserEntityClass',
     'EnableDefaultEntities' => false