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Failure to find org.jenkins-ci.plugins:plugin

It seems that despite all the hard work of the Jenkins team to ensure a smooth move over to the new name, some of the maven repositories have not been updated just yet.

For me, this manifested in the error

Non-resolvable parent POM: Failure to find org.jenkins-ci.plugins:plugin:pom:1.399

As it turns out, the solution is to edit your user Maven config file, located in %USERPROFILE%\.m2\settings.xml (or ~/.m2/settings.xml on linux) to include URL’s to the repos. The following works like a charm:

 <!-- Added Jenkins repositories -->
         <name>Jenkins Plugin Repository</name>
<!-- Hudson plugin group 

Shout out to Lubos and Vojtech over on the Jenkins Plugin Tutorial Wiki article for figuring this out!

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