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Adblock Plus, Greasemonkey For Firefox 3 Beta 5

I love Adblock Plus – I refuse to use the internet without it. I also quite enjoy Greasemonkey. Unfortunately, neither is yet compatible with the new Firefox 3b5. I got tired of waiting so I took measures into my own hands.

The XPI file format is basically a glorified zip file, so you can unzip it with a compression utility and modify the maximum version number in install.rdf. Basically I replaced the value in the em:maxVersion field with 3.* so to make it compatible with all versions of Firefox.

Of course, these maximum version numbers are there for a reason: newer versions of Firefox may break the extension functionality, but no problems so far.

For the lazy, I have uploaded the patched install files. Of course I give zero guarantees or warranty for the correct operation of these patched extensions. I encourage you to upgrade to the official compatible version as soon as possible.

To install:

  1. Download File
  2. Drag downloaded file into open Firefox window
  3. Enjoy an Ad-free internet

Adblock Plus For Firefox 3 Beta 5 The Adblock Plus Development build now supports Beta 5. Get it here:

Greasemonkey For Firefox 3 Beta 5

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