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Getting started with zfc-user-doctrine-orm

zfc-user-doctrine-orm Is a Zend Framework 2 Module that enables Doctrine 2 support for the ZfcUser module.

Basic Setup

Installation via composer:

composer require "zf-commons/zfc-user-doctrine-orm:0.1.*"

An appropriate version of ZfcUser should be pulled in during installation.

Configuration Setup

  • Copy vendor/zf-commons/ to config/autoload/
  • Edit your application.config.php to include
    modules => array('ZfcBase',

You don’t have to edit – the default values will work fine, and zfc-user-doctrine-orm will inject itself such that you don’t even have to edit the zend_db_adapter (as I initially thought you would).

Custom User Entity

If you wish to use a custom user entity definition (too add additional fields, for example).

To do this, modify your zfcuser.gloabl.php to include the following configuration values:

'zfcuser' => array(
     'UserEntityClass' => '\UserEntityNamespace\UserEntityClass',
     'EnableDefaultEntities' => false

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Reset Zend Server password on OpenShift

If you are using the Zend Zerver Installation on the OpenShift cloud and happen to forget your password, you may find yourself wondering where is located.

When you ssh into your openshift gear, you find that the zend/bin folder does not include the script. This is because this folder stores the openshift scripts to install / maintain / remove the zend server itself. The Zend Server’s bin folder is located at zend/usr/local/zend/bin

#To Change your password, login to your openshift instance and enter the following command

Alternatively, use the new configuration utility, as is deprecated:

zend/usr/local/zend/bin/zs-setup set-password <password>

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