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Export git repository with SSH and HTTP

When I was first experimenting with GIT I was administering the server using the wbm-virtualmin-git plugin for Virtualmin. As a result, I was using the HTTP protocol to access the git repository and preform user authentication.

After struggling with the performance hit of HTTP (for some reason GIT used a lot of memory using this connection method). I decided to switch over to the SSH / public key method of accessing the repository. However, this created a new problem. It seemed that the changes pushed over the SSH connection would not be visible to any git repos who were using the HTTP address as their remote!

As it turns out, if you wish to export the repository using so-called “dumb servers” git-update-server-info must be called after each commit to update auxiliary info files. This can easily be accomplished by enabling the default post-update hook by navigating to the .git directory for the repository hosted on the server and issuing:

mv hooks/post-update.sample hooks/post-update

More information can be found in the git docs: Exporting Via Http | git-update-server-info | githooks

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Failure to find org.jenkins-ci.plugins:plugin

It seems that despite all the hard work of the Jenkins team to ensure a smooth move over to the new name, some of the maven repositories have not been updated just yet.

For me, this manifested in the error

Non-resolvable parent POM: Failure to find org.jenkins-ci.plugins:plugin:pom:1.399

As it turns out, the solution is to edit your user Maven config file, located in %USERPROFILE%\.m2\settings.xml (or ~/.m2/settings.xml on linux) to include URL’s to the repos. The following works like a charm:

 <!-- Added Jenkins repositories -->
         <name>Jenkins Plugin Repository</name>
<!-- Hudson plugin group 

Shout out to Lubos and Vojtech over on the Jenkins Plugin Tutorial Wiki article for figuring this out!

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Zend Framework 1.x Git Repo

I’ve found myself moving more and more towards GIT, both for its multiple upstreams, offline editing abilities and sane merging. However, I haven’t been able to find a Zend Framework 1.x repository. As a result, I am hoping to maintain a clean one using the svn2git tool. Check it out on github:

Expect updates to be pushed to it for each release in the 1.x line.

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Fix Ubuntu Kismet Child Source Error

This weekend I was having problems with my wireless connection dropping ping packets and being generally unreliable. I decided to switch the channel that it was running on, but first I had to check to see which channel had the least amount of traffic on it.

For this I was going to use Kismet. However, the version that ships with Ubuntu is extremely old (2008/2009) so I grabbed the new one off of I installed the official 64 bit .deb file, and during setup I agreed to use suidroot and entered by username to be added to the kismet group.

After logging out (and rebooting), I was still receiving the following error when running kismet from terminal (as a non root user)

[SERVER] ERROR: IPC child Source 'wlan0' requires root permissions to shut down, but
[SERVER] we're not running as root. Something is wrong. 

After Googling I found the source was a permission problem, and found the solution in the kismet forums:

sudo chmod u-w /usr/bin/kismet*
sudo chmod u+s,o-r /usr/bin/kismet_capture

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